• Photo: Stacy Kranitz

    John E. Amos power plant, photo Stacy Kranitz

ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı is a residency for trans­disciplinary practice and research at the material and political seams between built and natural environments.

With a residency and public program, ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı supports the methodic and perspectival dev­el­op­ment and cross-pollination of practices and researches that analyze present and imag­ine possible future orga­ni­za­tions of our planetary habitat in their epi­stem­ic-con­cept­ual, material-energetic and / or social-political dimensions. The program invites participants from across disciplinary rootings to work on in­de­pen­dent projects side by side and to com­municate their findings in presentational and dialogical settings with specialist and non-specialist audiences.

ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı currently comprises an annual six-week residency that takes place from August to September in Helsinki, Finland and includes a public presence phase at its conclusion. Practical details on the current program are found on the program page.

Support structure and practice

ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı is considered to equally act as a support structure and to be a living exercise in how to conceive of and spatialize institutions in a time of deep structural change. The program’s components are thus in constant development, drawing much on the exchange with the residents and the program partners.


ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı extends the history of the Helsinki Design Residency, founded in 2012 as a cooperation of HIAP and the British Council, and organized since yearly until 2020. Following four years of development of HDR from 2017 to 2020, ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı establishes a new autonomous body and a wider emphasis, focused on postdisciplinary explorations in practice and discourse of a technologically and ecologically entangled transmaterial habitat.


ɬɾąŋʂɠɛŋıƈ ɧƙı is curated and produced by Martin Born in partnership with Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture, and Design and Iaspis, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Programme for Visual and Applied Artists. The program is realized in cooperation with Design Museum and Helsinki Design Week, and supported by HIAP / Villa Eläintarha & Connecting Points, the Embassy of Finland in Moscow and the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg.